Philipp Burkart is a Hamburg based commercial photographer specializing in architecture and people photography.

Born and raised in the small village of Aidling near to the Wetterstein mountains, Philipp studied Economics and Business Administration with focus on Psychology and Marketing at the University of Tuebingen, After he has completed his bachelor’s degree in 2016 he decided to follow his passion and moved to Hamburg to become a professional photographer. There he started his apprenticeship in a renowned studio for food and product photography in order to learn everything about the art and craft of photography.

Shooting furniture in an old industrial hall he first realized the beauty and versatility of architecture. The exact same building can evoke totally different emotions if the perspective or the light changes, which gives you so many opportunities as a photographer. He ¬†immediately fell in love with architectural photography and mastering the challenge of capturing not only the beauty but also the emotion of a building and its spaces is since then the core of his work. Nevertheless the young Bavarian does not restrict himself to capturing spaces, he also deals with what architecture is actually for – people. He approaches this field in the same way he approaches architectural photography: it is not just about taking a picture of the beautiful front, the obvious, it’s about the things you can’t see or have not seen yet. People are so much more than just a beautiful face or an aesthetic body.